US undermines own policies–Migration and immigration

When it comes to migration or illegal immigration the US is its own worst enemy. It provides financial incentives to migrants and those who resettle them here and it has established sanctuary cities which serve as magnets for illegal immigrants who cross our border to the south and come from Mexico and Central America. For example meat packing companies pay religious organizations who resettle migrants from north Africa and the Middle East here in the States. In addition these migrants end up on welfare causing a net drain to the American taxpayer. On the other hand sanctuary cities protect illegal immigrants from being caught and imprisoned or deported by thwarting federal laws on immigration, and this serves to attract more illegal immigrants to the US who live in these cities. As President Trump has said we must put an end to these divisive incentives and laws, in effect making our immigration laws merit based exclusively and ridding the nation of incentives,sanctuary cities and states which act as magnets for illegal immigrants and migrants to come here.

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