US walking on egg shells due to mass migrations

The United States is walking on egg shells. Since 1965 our immigration laws have been strangling our nation. The entire demographic of the US has been poisoned by chain migration and the importation of Democrat voters. If this does not stop as President Trump has been exhorting the country to do the entire culture of this country will be altered irreversibly. This is a much more serious and dangerous problem that is facing our nation than most of our citizens are aware. One day we will wake up and this will not be any longer the United States of America but some Third World country immersed in poverty,socialism and multiculturalism. The America loathing Liberals will do anything they can to get their way and increase the number of voters who see things their way. They have no love or adherence to the founding principles of this nation and will lead it into a den of hell.We must do everything possible to prevent this from happening and as Trump has been advocating it starts with the change in our immigration laws to make them merit based.

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