Migration and politics

A human Armada is headed toward the US which originated in Central America. This caravan of approximately 7000 is headed directly to the United States where they plan to crash the border and enter. Initial attempts to stop this caravan in Mexico failed when it overcame the Mexican police. President Trump has promised that these people will not enter the US. Reports from judicial watch indicate that there are criminal elements infesting this group largely made up of young men. This must be interpreted as an act of aggression against the United States. New legislation is needed immediately to address this problem . The law should be that no one enters the United States unless they have US government paperwork in hand with the attempt to cross. There must be well defined criteria for granting amnesty before entry into the US. If these requirements are not met there should be no entry permit granted to the United States. The current catch and release method which is employed at the border is not working and must be discontinued.

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