When Islamophobia is a good thing

Our nation is under siege on a daily basis from radical Islam. The forces of radical Islam originate both within our own borders as well as being thrust upon us from abroad. An organization called the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical Islamic terrorist group, accompanied by CAIR which is the Council on American Islamic Relations, combined with the far left offices of the American Civil Liberties Union (the ACLU ) combine forces to implant and cultivate the radical elements of Islamism into our culture, including our schools ,churches ,political organizations , Government organizations and communities. Islamism driven by Sharia Law is a poisonous ideology, silently pursuing its purposes within our culture. The ultimate objective of the Muslim Brotherhood is to defeat America from within by using its own institutions turned against themselves . Groups like CAIR and the ACLU are adroit in shouting out “Islamophobia” whenever Islamism is rightfully under attack. This word has become the battle cry of CAIR and ACLU and is used to shame people who speak out against the atrocities and ills of Islamism. Therefore, when someone is accused of being Islamophobic they should take another arrow out of their quiver and shoot it into the head of the snake of Islamism.

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