America must wise up to the threats from its divisions

When will the US wise up? It’s political divisions are creating havoc with our future security positions. We have too many enemies who are pointing in our direction trying to undermine the country and take over power in the world. The question is will they succeed. As long as we retain our divisions in this country we are weaker and in danger of being overtaken by others who are more forceful and unified in their intentions. China steals our most treasured secrets in the military and economic arenas and uses or will use these technologies against us. It seems like we are almost helpless to stop it. One reason is because of the divisions which separate Americans from the main sources of their security both economic and military. We are also the target of the Muslim Brotherhood who is attempting to hollow out America from within using it to own freedoms and liberties as the weapons to destroy us and take over with theological weapons including Sharia. On the other hand Russia attempts to undermine our democracy and our system of elections. Unless we unify ourselves and become aware of the threats that are pointed in our direction we will not be able to avoid being overtaken in the long run with all that we value being diminished or destroyed. Again, America must wise up!

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