Virginia Democrats should use Constitutional rights as a defense against allegations

As a conservative Republican I was appalled by the Congressional committee in the Senate which oversaw the Supreme Court justice Kavanaugh hearings. The Democrats on the committee inculcated that hearing with baseless accusations, accusations without due process against Cavanaugh concerning alleged indiscretions during his college days. Kavanaugh was finally confirmed on a narrow vote to fill the Supreme Court position. Now we have three Democrats in Virginia state government including the governor and the lieutenant governor who are on the hot seat by their fellow Democrats who are calling for their resignations based on either allegations of sexual harassment which are old, or in the case of the governor for being a racist for pictures that appeared in his school annual for which he was the editor, and for putting black color on his face to perform a Michael Jackson moonwalk..

In the first instance none of these sexual harassment allegations have been substantiated through due process investigations. Due process must be followed– it is the only sensible fair and legal way in which these matters should be addressed. As to the racial component, the First Amendment to the Constitution protects each of us for free speech and free expression. The painting of someone’s face is an exercise of their constitutional right of free expression, as is the art form of a picture in an annual of racist interpreted behavior. Many Americans have died as heroes of this country to protect the rights of its citizens for free speech and freedom of expression under the First Amendment. My advice to these three Democrats in Virginia who are under fire is to push back against any undue demands for their resignations due to exercise their protected rights under the Constitution, including due process in the sexual harassment allegations.

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