100 year marathon – China’s ambition for world domination by 2049

February 11,2019

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania AVE
Washington DC

Dear President Trump,

In cutting to the chase, communist China’s 100 year marathon which started at the end of the revolution in 1949 will be reached in the year 2049. At this time China plans to have laid waste to the United States and have conquered the world. A violent conflict with the US is planned in order to reach this goal. I have been reading about it in the current best-selling book The One Hundred year Marathon by Pillsburry. The Hawks in China have been preparing for this day for decades. The current president of China, your friend, and his legacy before taking this office was in the company of the Hawks of China. China has been stealing our technology war secrets as well as our commercial intellectual property for many years. You’ve been making this point to us as a country for a number of years and are now trying to even up the playing field with China both militarily and economically. You are the only person in a leadership position of this nation who has the foresight and guts to save America from China’s hawkish plans for our destiny. With any luck you will be in office until 2024 during which aggressive steps will need to be taken to bury China’s dream of being the dominant power on the globe by 2049. I hope that you will keep in focus China’s dream for world domination which includes conflict militarily with the United States. China will attempt to lull Americans into the belief that they are better off subjecting themselves to China’s domination. Strangely enough a similar plan is being concocted by the Muslim Brotherhood which plans to hollow out America from within using its own strengths and constitutional governance to overwhelm America with its sharia law. The United States has much to be concerned about – enemies abound. There are 1.3 billion Chinese and 1.6 billion Muslims. We have our work cut out for us Mr. Pres. and the Western powers and liberated people of the globe must look to you for leadership in planting the seeds and taking the actions necessary for our eventual victory over these threats. Thank you for all that you are doing to make America great again and keep it that way. This country cannot endure another four years under an Obama -like leadership style.

Very truly yours,
Hob Jack

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