Muslims rush to fill democratically elected positions

Note that a large number 50 of Muslims have won seats in our 2018 democratically elected positions. The Muslim brotherhood has a long-range plan to hollow out America from within and bring forth sharia law to this country to replace the Constitution, and our freedoms and liberties. This is called the stealth or Civilization JIHAD which is a well laid out plan over the future years to gradually turn the US into a Islamic state. If you don’t believe that just look at the 50 Muslims who have been elected to office this past year. As can be expected, sharia adhering Muslims in this country are going to use all of the freedoms and liberties and the Constitution of the US to win over this country. We must open up our eyes and wake up to what is going on. The greatest number of elected representatives from the Muslim community as expected are taking root in those states where the most migration from North Africa and the Middle East have been allowed to pour into this country. Minnesota, Michigan, New Jersey, and California lead the pack. If we do not push back on this trend the future will not belong to those who believe in the Constitution and the freedoms and liberties which are granted under the document. Instead we will be governed by sharia law and the insanity of slavery to that belief system. Fight /push back and do whatever you can to prevent the further encroachment into our nation by Islamic, including sharia, adherents.And remember by opposing Islamism you are not being prejudiced or bigoted against a religion you are showing your concern and opposition to a political movement which brings with it bigotry, intolerance, and ideological slavery.

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