North Korea’s Kim will not denuclearize his nuclear power base

Based on two summits to date between the United States and North Korea, Kim has shown his stripes and has no intention of dropping his nuclear program as the central component of his power. I predict that Donald Trump will not be successful in getting the rogue state to disarm their nuclear stockpile and curtailing their ground level testing. We may expect some progress as we drop our sanctions incrementally. We already have won some parts of the negotiations. The nuclear testing and the destabilizing effects in the south Korean and Japan skies have been suspended for a period of time.American War vets who were killed in the Korean War are having the remains shipped back to the US for identification and burial. These are fruitful steps in the negotiations and has de- pressurized the sensitive environment that had been in effect for a number of years in that part of the world. However attempts to get Kim to drop his nuclear program I predict will remain fruitless for the remaining term of President Trump and any renewal term based on his reelection in 2020. There may be some tit for tat bargains reached during future negotiations and summits with North Korea but Kim will not in my opinion ever completely relinquish his nuclear capabilities and therefore he will not denuclearize his nation. I believe he sees it as the strength of his reign over that regime and as a power in the world and for that reason we will never see him give it up. in the end it is a prediction that the US will have to settle for a balance of power in the region in which peace prevails as long as the threat levels on both sides remain low. That I believe is the most that can be accomplished over the next decade in that part of the world.

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