Democrat socialist liberal express is headed toward a political graveyard in hell

The new vintage of socialist liberal Democat is in the cross hairs of the American people, and is politically hell- bound for 2020. In particular this fledgling notion of massive socialism including free everything for everybody, Medicare for all and the green wave of devastation of traditional and abundant national energy resources will be the death blow to the Democrats in the upcoming election cycle. America being of sound mind in the mainstream will have nothing to do with these collectivist and economically suicidal policies. The Democrats are headed for a death trap and have no intention of pulling up in time to prevent their political destruction in 2020. The nation has been treated to precarious new Democrat pols who have been educationally misguided, particularly in economics, for what capitalistic principles make America great and stand out to the rest of the world. A poisonous vector actually accompanies a democratic success story in the House of Representatives where the House leadership aims to destroy a successful president in the midst of great achievements in both the domestic and foreign arenas through a freakish nightmare of hideous hearings and investigations that are bound to implode on this liberal express of lies and corruption. Most of these raving power greedy liberals are headed toward their political hell. Only Presidant Thump at this unique moment in history will make America uphold its traditional greatness, strength and leadership in the world community and on the domestic front.

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