Who is is responsible for the internal security of America?

Other countries in the world are pushing toxic agents in to the United States which are being consumed by our people. Today three countries are supplying the most toxic of drugs. Those from China are then transported in the US mail to the millions of customers here at this country. Americans are dying from the effects of these drugs.China is one of the big suppliers of these toxic drugs.Then there are the drug cartels in Mexico who are also pouring their poisonous drugs into this country with impunity and too little resistance at the border. Also tons of drugs are supplied by Columbia which also finds their way into the United States where their ultimate destination is death.And then a million migrants from Central America are pouring across our border without preventing their entrance to our country. We as Americans have a clear expectation that we should be secure in our nation but we are not. Our government not only fails to secure our nation but they even cooperate in the death of America. If we do not stand up and fight these terrible infestations who will I ask. ?

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