House Democrats and migrants responsible for border crisis

The Democratic House has attempted to flip the responsibility for the border problems onto president Hrump while themselves being the root causes of the overwhelming influx of migrants sweeping across our borders. By failing to fix the defective amnesty law and provide necessary funding for humanitarian aid the dreadful Democrats are solely responsible for the conditions at the border. In addition the media refuses to expose the real problem to be the decisions by these migrants to illegally rush the southern border and overwhelm it in spite of the risks and dangers inherent in their behavior. The combination of these factors is made impossible the task of accommodating the massive influx of migrants which are entering the US through Mexico at the southern border. Fox news anchor Shepard Smith has also pounced on the bandwagon that responsibility belongs to the Trump administration for the failure to take care of children at the border and provide them toothbrushes, blankets and soap. This irresponsible commentary by Shepard Smith places him squarely with the Democrats and liberals making Fox News sound like CNN and MSNBC and their fake news commentary.

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