Democrat governed Cities lead to bankruptcy, filth and homelessness

President Trump’s attack on Democrat representative Elijah Cummings for the rat infested homeless conditions of Baltimore, Maryland in Cumming’s District is a well deserved slam against the Democratic representative for the filth and health conditions in that City.In another Democrat governed city in Los Angeles, California the homeless rat infested conditions there are leading to the emergence of the bubonic plague. As a leader in his position Trump is right for slamming the conditions that have been allowed to fester in these hapless cities where homelessness and festering health conditions have been allowed to arise unchecked by Democrat leadership.Contrary to racism attacks as espoused by Pelosi and other Democrats on the President, Tramp is targeting the wantonness ,filth and deathly conditions in the devastation created by Democrats in Cities such as Baltimore, Los Angeles and San Francisco, the latter on Pelosi’s turf.

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