Trump calls for war against Mexican Cartels

President Trump has called for a war against the Mexican cartel. The cartel just yesterday killed nine Americans in Sonora near the northern border of Mexico. it is time that we took up arms against the Mexican cartel who is as dangerous to the United States or more so than I SIS. The cartel is assisting to transport jihadists from the Middle East and North Africa into the US interior where they will set up cells from which to attack America. Waging war on the Mexican cartel is long past due and it will require the assistance of the Mexican government which the cartel has on its heels in the struggle against the drug warlords. This will involve a cooperative effort with the Mexican government and it will be every bit as violent as the war against ISIS. The call to arms by President Trump against the cartel must be carried out aggressively and without further delay. Too much time has already transpired in which the cartels have deeply harmed and continue to bring devastation to AMERICA and its citizens. Let this war begin!

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