Democrats obsessed with Hallucinations of Trump impeachment

The Democrats including pathological leader Adam Schiff have now submitted their insanity plea for the removal of Pres. Trump. With manufactured evidence, and outright superior use of imagination the house committee leading this impeachment effort by the Democrats has now reached an interim conclusion – that Trump must be impeached to save our democracy and liberty as a nation – twisted evidence and lies underlie the Democrat case. The American people have also reached a conclusion concerning Trump’s innocence, at least not his guilt for something as serious as impeachment and will turn thumbs down on the Democrat impeachment case. Blinded by anger and rage at the 2016 victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton the Democrats have plunged over a cliff of insanity in reaching their ultimate case for the impeachment of a president who is innocent of any crime, or misdemeanor,and who is predicted to take the 2020 election by leaps and bounds over a Democrat party that has wasted the taxpayers money and valuable time focused on a kangaroo court procedure which is itself worthy of impeachable crimes. My prediction is that this ill-fated impeachment process pushed by the Democrats will be the basis for their downfall and destruction in the 2020 electoral process, which Trump will succeed and triumph in because of his outstanding efforts and achievements to make America great in his tenure as President thus far.

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