Mullah regime in Iran must terminate now

For 40 years now Iran has been a barnacle and a sword in the side of America. Ever since the civilian leadership was overthrown and the mullahs assumed control of the terrorist nation it has been one ugly experience followed by another. Those 40 years when Americans have been brutally killed and wounded by Iran and their proxies throughout the Middle East and beyond. We must ask the question at what point is enough enough. When must this regime in Tehran be terminated and brought to an end for the good of all here and there and around the globe. I maintain that the time is now. No more mercy for Tehran, no more deals that are unworkable and futile. No more fear mongering or appeasement of this regime in Tehran. No more rogue terrorists to tear down and kill what is good about this world. The time for the mullah regime is over. We must crush it now or allow it to grow and gain more weapons of mass destruction that can be used against us and other allies in future years. Time is against us. Action is on our side!. Regime change must come without further delay, without the making of excuses or the fear of retaliation or partisan wrangling in the halls of Congress.Lets move now and get it done!

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