Trump’s evisceration of Iran

Although the regime of the mullahs in Iran has experienced an unbroken chain of 40 years of domination in the Middle East, President Trump appears to have eviscerated the power of the Mullahs and the regime after only three years in office. The president has broken the back of the regime in Tehran. He has done this by assassinating the number two man in the Iranian power structure with a drone strike several days ago. The individual who was assassinated has been identified as one of the most treacherous and evil terrorists in the world, responsible for hundreds even thousands of deaths and injuries of American and other citizens around the world. Now we have a left wing legal buffoon like judge Napolitano on Fox News claiming that the assassination of this individual was illegal because he was a head of state. The insanity of this reasoning is unfathomable. This general was an agent of death occupying front line responsibility for the death, murder and annihilation of western troops, citizens and countries.He was the purveyor of war and terrorism on the battlefield of the Middle East and Western democracies.

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