Deep State bureaucrats infect Government Accountability Office

Recently the government accountability office(GAO), a component of the Congress, found the Trump Administration guilty of withholding funds from the Ukrainians. Let’s be clear. The government accountability office is a deep state creature comprised of bureaucrats who are left-wing sympathizers and anti-Trumpers. The malaise which infects the general federal bureaucracy creating the deep state likewise is at work in the purportedly bi partisan GAO. The American people have lost their power over the government to influence the direction of the country by the election of the President of the United States every four years. Instead lifelong left-leaning bureaucrats in the federal bureaucracy serve as a resistance mechanism working against the will of the people who seek to move the country in the direction of constitutional integrity and traditional ideals. The American people must deal with the problem of the deep state by forcefully asserting their will at the ballot box until the scourge of the deep state has been purged and democracy is restored to Government.

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