The 2020 Presidential election

Thus far the Democrat candidates for president are struggling to overcome a prevailing anti-socialist agenda prescribed to by the majority of Americans. The Democrat’s chances for presidential success in the 2020 election are doomed indeed. Nonetheless a recent story that has emerged is one that pairs Michael Bloomberg as the presidential candidate with Hillary Clinton as vice presidential candidate. This ticket if run could be the most powerful one that the Democrats can put forward for 2020. With Michael Bloomberg’s financial strength and Hillary Clinton’s appeal to many Democrats such a ticket could pose a major challenge to Pres.Thump’s attempt at a second term. Aside from such a pairing on the side of the Democrats I believe that President Trump should have no difficulty in overcoming any challenge that the remaining Democrat slate might impose. Notwithstanding a challenge from the Bloomberg/Clinton teaming, President Trump’s keen political insights and strategy, coupled with his outstanding successes in taming the border crisis, the booming economy and the nations national security posture which has been strengthened under Trump, it is still predictable that the President will prevail in the 2020 election. The Democrats have shown only the ability to generate a DC context of waste, abuse of political power and the shameful expenditure of taxpayer money while accomplishing nothing of importance to the US population.

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