Capitalism versus socialism – the voters’ choice in 2020

I believe in capitalism – the powerful economic system that promotes liberty and freedom, wealth and hope. The efficacy of this system has been demonstrated repeatedly and is at the heart of the American dream. Any country who opposes the power of private incentive, individual freedom, private property and liberty to achieve one’s ambitions is opposed to success in the very root spring of all wealth, small and large. Socialism and communism on the other hand enslave individual freedom and potential in a figurative iron box of a prison. To take from the individual under socialism and spread to the populace of a nation wastes the freedom, incentive, ambition and wealth of the nation and the individual. Socialism is an evil which has demonstrated repeatedly its propensity for failure, poverty and darkness. In the 2020 US election we will have the choice of socialism or capitalism the latter as envisioned by the Founders as expounded in the policies of Pres. Trump. It is vital to the continued existence of our constitutional government based on the precepts and principles laid down by our Founders that Armenians vote capitalism and reject the evils of socialism.

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