The future of Afghanistan and Islamic strategy

The US is in negotiations with the Taliban in Afghanistan at the present time. The long run expectations that this negotiation will be successful does not auger well in my opinion. The Taliban has as its central purpose the exercise of control over the country of Afghanistan. If we leave the country we can expect that the Taliban will take control of that country and provide safe haven for terrorists like I SIS and the like returning us to the same position we were in in 2001 when we went to Afghanistan to clean up the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. This will endanger our homeland once again therefore the entire process of this negotiation with the Taliban will be futile in my opinion. we can no longer count on the fact that problems in the Middle East are confined to that region but rather that it becomes a springboard for attacks on the US and other western countries. For this reason we must continue to maintain a presence through our military in the Middle East. 20 years ago this was not necessary but it is today. Radical Islam today seeks to infiltrate and also attack the US with the expectation that it will become the conquerors of the US in years to come and take over this country for its own purposes and convert this nation to an Islamic state that is under Sharia law.

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