Closing gun shops as nonessential businesses is unconstitutional

The sale of firearms and the availability of open gun shops is being disrupted and shut down by many local, and state jurisdictions including Nevada which declares gun shops to be “nonessential businesses”. This blatant undermining of our second amendment rights is a rash and undeniably despicable attempt to eliminate our rights to own and possess firearms and protect ourselves,especially during a state of emergency. This is wrong and must be challenged in the courts by vigilant supporters of gun rights in the country. The right to bear arms and protect ourselves and our families is an essential constitutional right and attempts to bar these rights must be thwarted immediately. The attempt by progressive and left-wing local and state government in this country to close down the Second Amendment is intolerable and must be stopped. These governmental entities should be barred by the courts in their attempts to close down the Second Amendment in the possession of firearms by American citizens. This is a bald-faced attempt by progressive and leftist officials in local and state government to negate the power of individual citizens to their Second Amendment rights.

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