An ugly truth about the “stand down order” at Benghazi

Fox News has uncovered another ugly truth about the “stand down” order that was in force throughout the defense,intelligence and State departments on September 11,2012 in Benghazi.

Interviewing three of the contractors who were on the ground for the first time,all three testified that they believed they would have been able to prevent the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans had they been allowed to join the fight thirty minutes earlier. However,a CIA field supervisor ordered all three to stand down on three separate instances before the three finally disregarded the order and made an attempt to rescue the other Americans. They were too late they said.

Three questions are important. First,why the stand down order ? Second,was it a general order applying to the entire intelligence,defense and State Dept organizations? Third,did it originate at the top of the Obama administration, or was it a local isolated order at the Benghazi CIA Annex?.

The reason for the stand down order must have been rooted in questionable and controversial motives. It makes no sense for instance to prevent the saving of American lives under siege at the Benghazi compound. Many will reason that there was a political motive to deflect attention from an unwelcome event that would adversely impact voter sentiment toward Obama who was in a competitive presidential race with Mitt Romney at the time . The election was only about two months away. Any attempt to “stand up” to the attackers would have brought into question the claim by Obama that Al Qaeda was decimated and on the run, and that there were no other terrorist groups who posed any threat to American interests. A foolhardy assessment.

To answer to the second question,all one has to do is to connect the dots from the top and throughout the government organizations involved. For instance,General Ham was relieved of his command at Africa Command by his second in command almost immediately after announcing his intention to come to the aid of the Benghazi compound after being told to stand down by an unnamed person in the chain of command. That act unquestionably implies a systemic stand down order. Further, Def Sec Leon Panetta refused to activate any military assets even when the opportunity existed early on. Later he said the general rule was not to attack where the threat environment was uncertain. What uncertainty was he referring to I wonder that would interfere with the protection of Americans under attack in Benghazi?

The coordinated government response to not attack the terrorists answers the question about where the “stand down” order originated–it certainly came from the top of the Obama administration. The Obama administration decision, therefore, in fact was to allow these Americans to die at the hands of terrorists from the very beginning of the incident. To do nothing. Isn’t that treason and murder?

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