Get the wall at the Southern Border

Here’s what I feel happened to end the government shutdown. 800,000 government employees without pay, and especially the slow down at JFK international Airport in New York, proved to be back breakers for the Frump administration. They stuck their tails between their legs and ran like hell. The Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi were just too much for the weak kneed Republican administration and Trump. The next time around I would say choke the 800,000 government employees until they are broke, good and broke.. The majority of them are Democrats who call their senator and Congress people every day. This turned into a fiasco for Ronald Trump and his administration. The only way to deal with Democrats is to break their backs, financially and politically. If there is another shutdown in three weeks, failing the Democrats willingness to fund the wall at the border and more border patrol agents to shoulder the burden of this debacle from the South, then leave the government shutdown and squeeze the government employees until their faces turn red along with their financial conditions. I am sick and tired of Democratic impulses. The only way to address them is to beat up on them fair and square until they stop wiggling and do the right thing for the United States.

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Activist court decision thumbs nose at US citizens on Census

Every court decision these days on the matter of illegal immigration favors the illegals rather than the true citizens of America. This now extends to the Census where it has been defeated in court that US citizens will be segregated from Illegals in counting the US population.
This is an irrational penalty to citizens who must have this status to vote and opens up the opportunity for cheating by non citizens whose identities relative to their eligibility to vote is masked by the judicial branch, which to a much greater extent is replete with liberals and left wing activists who seek
for illegals to vote in the shadows of criminality. The Democrats seek illegal voters to make their marks as ” hidden aliens” seeking to gain voting privileges unlawfully.In addition to opening up the floodgates of voter fraud, by taxing American citizens for the costs to maintain, educate, house, medically treat and otherwise pay for the costs of illegal aliens, have we reached that inflammatory state of taxation of American citizens without representation.

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Deep Ocean Advances-The Deep Sea Drilling Project

My good friend Ken Brunot had just jettisoned his longtime job at Chevron in La Habra California to join a new project at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla California. Ken became the project engineer on the “deep sea drilling project”, a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded program under the leadership of the University of California’s Oceanographic Institution at Scripps in La Jolla. This project was at a turning point meaning that it was going to leap forward to become one of the most leading-edge technology programs in America or it was going to fail due to lack of progress and leadership. Ken Brunot was to become a key player in the success of this project in integrating private industry technology in drilling and petroleum, with the geological sciences scientific community. In this program, Scripps Institution of Oceanography was supported by an organization consisting of several oceanographic institutions around the country by the name of the Joint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling (JOIDES).

It was at about this same time that Ken gave me a copy of the National Science Foundation request for proposal to read. As I read the scope of work for this incredible project I could not help but be excited about where this program was going to lead America and indeed the world in the geological sciences. For many years there had been a static geologic theory that the shape of the earth had always been just the way it was then. However, there was a competing hypothesis known as “continental drift”. For example, if you took Africa and pushed it across the ocean it would be a perfect fit with South America meaning that the sea floor appeared to be a dynamic plate or plates that were moving over time, driven by some unknown force.

The national science foundation was becoming impatient as the leadership for the project was not moving the program ahead. It was out of schedule and above budget and the contracting officer from the National Science Foundation made a trip to La Jolla to sit down with the project staff and clear the air. His name was Bill Bolton and he was a tough customer. He threatened to terminate the project if it did not make strides and achieve certain objectives and milestones immediately. One of these actions to be taken was the appointment of a project manager who had a proven track record getting things done. After a brief review, a decision was reached, by the director of Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Bolton, the contracting officer from NSF, to appoint Ken Brunot as the project manager. Shortly after that decision was made an offer was made to me to join the project as director of contracts which was another critical position which had been understaffed. This was a federal government funded project requiring a thorough knowledge of federal contracting policy which I had gained in an earlier assignment —a role in which I felt very comfortable. Soon after Ken Brunot was appointed the project manager things started to roll quickly. His team emerged as professionals from industry and the scientific community. At Ken Brunot‘s initiative, a consultant by the name of Richard Green was engaged by the project to set up a War Room where program leadership met to review project progress and create plans for future work actions. A dynamic form of leadership emerged and the project took off.

One thing that was commonly understood was that this project would shift from an industry lead program in which the management was turned into professional management under current industrial practice and then, would shift at a later stage to be managed by the scientists after the initial technology had been proven and tested at sea. There was no timeframe put on the date when this transition would take place but it was always known that it would happen and that a new leadership would emerge from the scientific community at a later stage of the project. Working alongside Ken Brunot as the project manager was Dr. Mel Peterson who was the chief scientist. The entire integrated scientific effort involving the various oceanographic institutions that took part in this program was under the leadership of Mel Peterson as Chief Scientist.

Another key person early in the project that helped move it forward was the project engineer Darrell Simms. Darrell had been an engineer on the “Mohole” Project which was another NSF program but one which had failed years earlier. Simms was a true innovator. He cut to the chase and design ideas and never spared an envelope to demonstrate his design ideas. Without his innovative practical approach, the deep sea drilling project would have never been a success story that it was.

No discussion of success can take place regarding the Deep Sea Drilling Project without mention of Arch McLarren, the NSF on-site Senior Representative, who was a key person in acting as the interface between Scripps and the government. His steady and wise hands were a major factor for the success of this project.

Finally, sound legal advice was a major factor in obtaining success for this project. University’s attorney assigned to this project was Warren Levin bright and capable and effective in all respects. Without him, this project would never have succeeded to the extent that it did.

In order to achieve the technological feat required to accomplish this project a highly advanced technological vehicle in the form of a drilling ship would be required. A drilling ship named the Glomar Challenger was provided, under the subcontract, as a new vessel for this project. The principal subcontractor furnishing this vessel was Global Marine of Los Angeles. The ship was constructed in Orange Texas. The ship is equipped with a dynamic positioning system which focused on sonar beacons implanted on the ocean floor. The positioning system would sense movement of the ship to and from the beacon and then re-position the ship by thruster motors in the positioning system. Drilling took place in water depths up to 20,000 feet from which core samples were extracted from below the seafloor and lifted on board, refrigerated and then examined by the scientific crew on board the ship.

Once operations begin the ship was at sea for 60-day legs, during which, core samples were extracted from the ocean bottoms at select places which were picked by the scientific staff. Some key drilling operations were conducted across the middle Atlantic and mid-Pacific rises which were volcanic in nature. Key findings were made at these locations such that the seafloor was actually spreading as volcanic activity pushed the adjacent sea floor like a gigantic conveyor belt which in turn moved the overriding continental shelves. It was this mechanism which was the root force in the rewriting of geologic textbooks to reflect the newly established continental drift theory. Never again would the thinking be the same about the ocean floor, it’s spread and the tectonic movements that shape a dynamic ocean floor. The deep sea drilling project continued for many years based on the initial success and ingenuity and hard work of the first team that inaugurated this world-famous contribution to the field of geology.

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Engineering Science—an environmental experiment

In the early 1980’s Parsons Corporation under the leadership of Chairman and CEO William E. Leonhard pressed forward with an acquisition strategy that would set the company up for the future. Leonhard was the strategist. He knew his company well and knew where additional pieces could be found to fill in the niche spaces in his corporation. One of the new markets which Leonhard sought to pursue was the environmental market including a full range of environmental services that would fuel the earnings in the future. To undertake this acquisition Leonhard looked only a few miles to the east to the city of Arcadia ,California where the corporate headquarters of Engineering-Science Inc. (ES) was located.

In considering an acquisition of ES Leonhard would be gambling on certain things. First that the environmental market would take off and generate the revenues and profits that were necessary to sustain the operation and second that Parsons would be able to integrate into its highly structured – top down organization an organizationally decentralized and geographically dispersed corporation like ES.

As can be expected two organizations in which you have significantly different structures and communication technologies will also lead to different cultures meaning ideas, values and expectations. Nevertheless at the time Parsons acquired ES, Parsons believed that it could add ES to its corporate structure without sacrificing the value of the ES assets both human and physical. It was looking to gain market advantage, revenues and profits in a fledgling market.

Parsons’ approach to the integration of ES into the corporate structure was a lengthy process lasting well over a decade. To describe this process as a struggle would be a vast understatement. Parsons had never felt comfortable with ES’ business practices particularly its management approach to internal operations. Parsons sought discipline where ES sought innovation and a more open business model.

Whereas Parsons’ projects were usually large, demanding larger concentrations of employees ES projects could often be accomplished with fewer than 3-5 employees. ES had a number of self contained profit center offices scattered throughout the US and internationally. ES corporate Headquarters was more of a policy and coordination center for the company with only moderate top down directives given to the offices which were integrated profit centers from which all the sales and profits were created. ES was a very dynamic environment. There was a maximum cross-talk between the offices which lead to work sharing, innovation, and maximum use of corporate resources. The organizational principles and values were so different in Parsons that Parsons never did in my opinion fully understand the differences, significant advantages, innovative environment, and high profit motivation that existed throughout the ES office environment. Company- wide review meetings were held at various locations throughout the corporation creating forums for technology and information transfers and permitting office managers to present their ideas and accomplishments so that every office manager could see and be aware of developments in the company. Communication and transfers of environmental technologies were highly effective. News traveled quickly.

Instead of comprehending the value and innovation of ES, Parsons did not trust that ES would make responsible and profitable decisions even though the company prospered in the culture that existed. In the long run Parsons was unable to accept the ES culture and started to break off and absorb the ES resources and technologies into the Parsons culture and structure. That’s the situation today.

So what can be learned by this experiment in the environmental field by a major engineering corporation who has a significant structural and cultural difference from it high performance subsidiary? A Special management buffer must be built in between the two organizations to protect and advocate for the minority corporation. The parent company must tolerate differences and even rotate its senior and middle management leaders into the unique affiliate company to educate them and even allow for transfers of management technologies between the two companies. The unique qualities of the minority affiliate must.not be altered in ways that impair its effectiveness. At the bottom line differences must be understood and appreciated.


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When Islamophobia is a good thing

Our nation is under siege on a daily basis from radical Islam. The forces of radical Islam originate both within our own borders as well as being thrust upon us from abroad. An organization called the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical Islamic terrorist group, accompanied by CAIR which is the Council on American Islamic Relations, combined with the far left offices of the American Civil Liberties Union (the ACLU ) combine forces to implant and cultivate the radical elements of Islamism into our culture, including our schools ,churches ,political organizations , Government organizations and communities. Islamism driven by Sharia Law is a poisonous ideology, silently pursuing its purposes within our culture. The ultimate objective of the Muslim Brotherhood is to defeat America from within by using its own institutions turned against themselves . Groups like CAIR and the ACLU are adroit in shouting out “Islamophobia” whenever Islamism is rightfully under attack. This word has become the battle cry of CAIR and ACLU and is used to shame people who speak out against the atrocities and ills of Islamism. Therefore, when someone is accused of being Islamophobic they should take another arrow out of their quiver and shoot it into the head of the snake of Islamism.

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Migration and politics

A human Armada is headed toward the US which originated in Central America. This caravan of approximately 7000 is headed directly to the United States where they plan to crash the border and enter. Initial attempts to stop this caravan in Mexico failed when it overcame the Mexican police. President Trump has promised that these people will not enter the US. Reports from judicial watch indicate that there are criminal elements infesting this group largely made up of young men. This must be interpreted as an act of aggression against the United States. New legislation is needed immediately to address this problem . The law should be that no one enters the United States unless they have US government paperwork in hand with the attempt to cross. There must be well defined criteria for granting amnesty before entry into the US. If these requirements are not met there should be no entry permit granted to the United States. The current catch and release method which is employed at the border is not working and must be discontinued.

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US undermines own policies–Migration and immigration

When it comes to migration or illegal immigration the US is its own worst enemy. It provides financial incentives to migrants and those who resettle them here and it has established sanctuary cities which serve as magnets for illegal immigrants who cross our border to the south and come from Mexico and Central America. For example meat packing companies pay religious organizations who resettle migrants from north Africa and the Middle East here in the States. In addition these migrants end up on welfare causing a net drain to the American taxpayer. On the other hand sanctuary cities protect illegal immigrants from being caught and imprisoned or deported by thwarting federal laws on immigration, and this serves to attract more illegal immigrants to the US who live in these cities. As President Trump has said we must put an end to these divisive incentives and laws, in effect making our immigration laws merit based exclusively and ridding the nation of incentives,sanctuary cities and states which act as magnets for illegal immigrants and migrants to come here.

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