House rejects study of ties between Islam and terrorism

Last Friday the House rejected a bill that would have provided for studying the link between Islamic doctrine and terrorism. The bill was introduced by Congressman Trent Franks a Republican from Arizona. The bill was rejected when a number of moderate Republicans refused to accept the bill and approve it. This would have been a keen opportunity to increase public awareness of the critical link between Islamic doctrine and terrorism – the evil in the political doctrine of Islam that led to 9/11, Al Qaeda and ISIS and the devastating countless acts of terrorism and barbarism resulting from radical Islam. The fact that this bill could not even be passed with a Republican majority in the House demonstrates the vast public ignorance that still revolves around the subject of Islamic radicalism and its direct connection to terrorist acts that confront the world. To me it is highly disappointing that a Republican House would woefully fail to pass such a timely law that would provide enlightenment and awareness to the American public about the evils of radical Islam and the factors that indoctrinate its leaders. Make no mistake Islam is unlike any other religion in that it is both religious and political at its core – these two components of Islam are integrated in their practice and unless the public becomes aware of this unique nature of Islam it will continue and fail to comprehend why radical Islam is of such serious danger to the peace of the world and the survival of democracy and other religions.

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US lacks an effective ICBM counter technology–depends on Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)

Why should American citizens be concerned about North Korea advancements in ICBM technology? The obvious answer is that the technology enables North Korea to reach the US with ICBM missiles.
But there is an even deeper reason why Americans should be concerned and the answer is that the US has no reliable defense against ICBM technology today. The intent of Pres. Reagan’s Star Wars program was to protect America from attack by ICBMs but that program was never implemented to completion and many of the weapons systems that were developed initially were dropped by successive US administrations.

So the US strategy today is one of mutually assured destruction (MAD). In other words the US relies on the fear that we will annihilate an enemy with our nuclear weapons as sufficient to prevent that other nuclear power from ever attacking us. In other words we have virtually no ICBM defenses today except hit and miss technology which is still being developed. Reagan’s grand vision for a Star Wars program which was also called the Strategic Defense Initiative slowly dissipated into almost zero reliable technology to protect the US from a nuclear attack. When a nuclear missile is fired from anywhere in the world it can reach the US within 33 minutes. This “wait and pray” response is not good enough for nation of 330 million people literally waiting for their death to arrive in the form of a nuclear tipped ICBM missile. For this reason there is an urgent and over arching reason for a missile technology that will defeat an ICBM attack by our enemies including North Korea.

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North Korea–The gordian knot

The global hotspots for war are on the rise with no end in sight or solutions obvious. North Korea aims thousands of artillery pieces and missiles out over the Demilitarized Zone toward South Korea, Japan and ICBMs toward the United States. These countries upon which the threat rests are stuck in a quagmire of indecision and danger as the rogue nation of North Korea has weaved a Gordian knot – a riddle that cannot be resolved without hundreds of thousands of casualties and deaths. For example, if the US were to use its formidable military power to destroy the artillery or missile sites in North Korea the latter would retaliate on a moment’s notice and destroy masses of South Koreans in Seoul Korea and up to 30,000 US troops who are stationed in South Korea. Therefore, the exercise of US military power is not an immediate solution. Neither can the US wait until ICBMs rain down on US cities who are within striking distance of North Korea.

The nation with the most influence over North Korea and the one which contributes the greatest amount of resources to the beleaguered rogue nation of North Korea is China. Notwithstanding this fact China has its own interests to protect and benefits from North Korea’s rogue status and nuclear program, and from providing vital resources to North Korea. China benefits from North Korea acting as a physical and ideological buffer between the capitalists in South Korea and its own Communist regime. Also, any conflict induced by the US or South Korea in North Korea will cause millions of refugees to try and flee into China and China refuses to accept any such influx of people from North Korea. Therefore, China views North Korea as a stabilizing influence in its immediate geographic sphere as well as a buffer from the US and Seoul Korea. So at the moment the situation in North Korea remains a stalemate – and all along the North Koreans continue to strengthen and develop their long-range nuclear capabilities which eventually will target metropolitan areas in the US. This being the case the question is how long can the US wait until a preemptive strike against North Korea is made regardless of the consequences in order to protect the lives of Americans. This being the case the government of South Korea in the remaining time left must undertake a vast project to protect its people in the event of an attack by North Korea on the south. Japan who is also a target nation of North Korea must also undertake defensive measures to protect itself and its people. One thing Japan might do to increase its deterrent capacity is to modify its constitution to permit the development of nuclear weapons. This possibility is being actively discussed and considered. The possibility of Japan acquiring nuclear weapons may act as an inducement to China to put additional pressure on the North Korean regime because China is fearful that it’s long-standing enemy Japan would further unbalance the nuclear equation in the region – which would be a threat to China.

While there are no immediate solutions to the North Korean problem the United States cannot afford to hesitate much longer to find a solution because the wheels of nuclear progress continue to turn in North Korea for the long distance ICBM capability that can destroy the US!

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What must be done to amend the Republican -Senate Healthcare bill?

The Better Care and Reconciliation Act of 2017 is a vicious attack on the middle class and the poor.

Any plan in order to be a success must address the following parameters:

1. Engage interstate competition by insurance companies to reduce premiums and deductibles and to increase choice by the masses.

2. Result in highly affordable premiums, low deductibles and a high range of choices from which to select.

3. Insurance policies must include the elimination of pre-existing conditions restrictions, non-cancellation for illness or for exceeding any dollar limitation, coverage of insurers’ children up to the age of 26 and elimination of lifetime ceilings on medical reimbursement under any policy.

4. Insurance markets must provide for broad HealthNet’s including preferred providers across the spectrum in local markets and extended geographical markets for all kinds of generally recognized services.

5. At the discretion of subscribers, insurance plans must include a wide array of choices including rehabilitation, recovery, psychotherapy, maternity services, dental, eye care, catastrophic care option and other similar optional coverage for which the insured can subscribe and pay the cost if desired.

The current Senate Republican healthcare proposal should be dead on arrival and should provide adequate Medicaid benefits to the low income and poor population of America.

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A military strike of overwhelming force on North Korea nears

North Korea has now reached the tipping point in its quest for nuclear weapons in its capability to destroy American targets and bring devastating consequences to the South Korean peninsula including Seoul and up to 30,000 US troops now stationed in South Korea. While the time for negotiating never ceases it does clearly seem that very soon the US will have to bring its military power to bear on the North Korean regime. Once an overwhelming force of American military strength has accumulated in the region, and with precision based targeting by the US military, massive North Korean artillery will have to be destroyed quickly to avoid a bloodbath in Seoul Korea.

The time is edging closer to when such a strike can be expected. The time for talk is over, the time for action is here; this rogue regime has arrived at the point where they are capable of striking America, Japan and South Korea and the madman in charge of North Korea will hesitate little to use his nuclear power when called upon. North Korea’s artillery in massive quantities is aimed at Seoul Korea as well as the threat of nuclear weapon use. Therefore any strategy used to take out the North Korean regime must target at least three critical points: 1. The artillery installations, 2.the nuclear installations and 3. Regime headquarters for command and control.

President Trump has repeatedly said in recent days that the time for strategic patience is over. While he calls on the international community to support its efforts to curtail North Korean nuclear development and the highly charged threat environment which surrounds it, the time for peace and a diplomatic solution is probably on a very short fuse at this time meaning that a military solution and response should be expected by everyone.

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Pat Buchanan asks are we still one Nation

In Pat Buchanan’s “op-ed” is America still a nation?”, Buchanan describes in good detail how America may no longer be a nation as defined by the founding fathers. It may no longer have a unified purpose. It has multiple languages. Multiple values. Multiple cultures. Religious conflict. Sexual orientation conflict. Conflicts over the meaning of life. Buchanan asks whether or not we could still get enough people – enough states to agree that our Constitution should still exist – even though it still survives today as the supreme law of the land, could it really survive in a test of political wills?

Buchanan has a good point. Can the far left progressives of this country when considering their large numbers overwhelm the traditionalists of this country – or at least offset them significantly to the extent that this nation is no longer the nation defined by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, nor the Declaration of Independence?

When one considers the disunity and divisiveness which we confront today in this nation and the violent protests from the progressive left in the streets of America as contrasted to those who hold traditional American values – the pro-Trumper’s – your traditional Americans – the vast crowds who wish to make America first in their lives and not some global – borderless – ab-natural gang of elitists on the progressive left – possibly we are no longer one nation.

Based on Buchanan’s analysis of the constituencies and values of America are we in fact divided to the extent that ” one nation under God” no longer exists in this society and that a formal division between the People’s of this nation seems to be a suggestion with future wings that will bring about monumental change to America’s way of life?

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Media attacks by President Trump are well justified

President Trump must continue to fight the left-wing progressive media in this country. The vicious attacks against the president by MSNBC, CNN and other ultra leftist progressive media outlets distort all truth and undermine Trump in his attempts to implement the agenda that he was elected to office to accomplish. Trump’s verbal lashings of the media through his tweets, Facebook page and speeches are well-deserved and must at least be as vicious as the mainstream media who undermines our democracy with lies and distortions about the president, his administration and agenda. Trump is both keen and cunning in his verbal assault on the left-wing progressive media in this country. In the end he will attack them with success and undermine their lies and distortions .

Those of us who are his supporters will continue to support him with the same force and ferocity that propelled him to the presidency. Too much is at stake in this nation to back off the liberal – progressive agenda that undermines American values, liberties and freedoms under the Constitution.

The ugly, vicious and violent liberal – progressive movement must be destroyed if this country is to have any chance of surviving with its values, liberties and freedoms in tact as conceived by the founding fathers and embodied in our Constitution.

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