RAISE ACT immigration bill will strengthen America

In concert with Trump’s immigration promises, the Raise Act, an English-speaking and skill-based merit immigration policy is being introduced by Senators Cotton and Perdue . This will strengthen American immigration by bringing only the best possible immigrants who are already English-speaking and have skills and abilities which can help America grow and be stronger. It will also reduce immigration populations to around 500,000 per year instead of the million who now immigrate many of which come into the country under chain immigration where their families are connected over long periods of time to the immigration chain. Under the present system millions of immigrants are non-English-speaking, are low skilled, tax the welfare system and instead of strength America they weaken it and drag down average wages in the process. This Raise Act bill will undoubtedly be pushed back on by many Democrats as being too restrictive and racial because of the English-speaking component. If passed this new act will pave the way for a future that is much brighter and productive for America, that will strengthen our economy and lead to better assimilation instead of what we are experiencing with refugees from the Middle East and North Africa who are bringing their own cultures and just now beginning to construct no go zones where sharia law is implemented.

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Policy for Transgenders in Military

The President recently has mandated that the transgendered will not serve in the military. I do not agree that this policy is well formulated and should be modified.

The taxpayer must not be burdened with the costs on any level for the transition medical cost or follow on costs of the transgender surgery. Only those transgenders who have completed their entire
treatments should be admitted to the military. Those who completed their treatments for the gender change should be allowed to remain in service. Those who have additional surgery yet to come should be discharged honorably effective immediately with full military benefits in effect as of their date of severance. Those transgenders who are in the military however have completed all their treatments will be retained in the gender which matches their current biological gender.

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High stakes North Korea ICBM development moves forward-Checkmate situation arises

Another long range ICBM missile test by North Korea has been conducted. North Korean leadership now claims its ICBMs can target any place in the US. Our missile defense systems are in medium phase development and constitute a hit and miss proposition for our defenses. Quantities of US stocks of these anti-ICBM systems are in short supply and production needs to be increased. The US has two surface to air systems capable of defending the country from ICBM attacks by North Korea or other rival nations. There is the THAAD missile defense interceptor which is a high-altitude system which has been somewhat effective in tests flights. The second system is called a Midcourse Interceptor which is capable of intercepting ICBM units in the ascent phase. There have been a number of tests, some successful some not, of these two systems. At this time stockpiles of these anti-defense systems are low. The US has failed to develop a space-based anti-ICBM system and scrap piled during the Clinton administration the Brilliant Pebbles system that was conceived during Star Wars under the Reagan administration. The delayed development of effective anti-ICBM weapon systems is alarming for the US.

As North Korea launches forward at a more rapid pace in the development of its ICBM capabilities, the US reacts by stating that it will protect the interests of the American people as well as US allies – meaning South Korea and Japan primarily. Nevertheless in order to protect first US interests and the lives of the American people a high risk strike at this time by the US on North Korea’s principal targets (i.e. massive artillery, missile facilities and command-and-control centers ) would instantly trigger a bloodbath in South Korea where 30,000 US troops are stationed. To some degree this is a “checkmate” situation in which the US finds itself in the untenable position of launching a reciprocal attack involving a North Korea strike on the peoples of South Korea that could amount to hundreds of thousands of casualties in a very short few minutes.

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US conducts freedom of seas operations in South China Sea

The Trump administration is conducting regular operations in the South China Sea to challenge China’s aggressive actions in militarizing islands in that region. Under the Obama administration these routine operations by the US were weak to nonexistent in fear of upsetting China – no longer is this the case under the Trump administration. There is a definite plan approved by Trump and issued by the Defense Department to conduct routine operations in the air and sea in the vicinity of these contested South China Sea Islands. China’s activities in the South China Sea have been bullying in nature and have been conducted in spite of claims from other nations for the same territory making this a contested area where China has aggressively asserted its military operations in militarizing a number of islands in the region. All indications are that the Trump administration will not tolerate China’s behavior and will continue to conduct freedom of the sea operations in the vicinity of the islands that are under question. America’s international posture is increasing significantly under Pres. Trump whose actions are much more aggressive on America’s behalf and on behalf of other nations who are our allies. These actions are in accordance with president Trump’s promises to the American people to make America first.

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Obamacare repeal–replacement a major GOP failure

Next week the Senate will vote on the partial repeal of Obama care. A replacement plan will not be part of this vote. This will be the same repeal bill that the Republican controlled Congress submitted to Barack Obama in 2015 which Obama vetoed. Any Republican who voted to repeal in 2015 who is unwilling to repeal in next week’s vote will have things to explain to his constituents back home. With the failure to pass a repeal – replace bill by the Senate the only remaining alternative is to allow the current Obama care system to collapse which it is well on its way to doing now.

The Republicans have had seven years to develop a replacement plan for Obamacare and because the GOP was asleep at the wheel they drastically failed in their mission to find a replacement to Obamacare. There are consequences for such failures and in the political arena these are usually handed out at the ballot box on election day. Forgiveness by voters is not something that is handed out easily in view of failures as significant, as in the case of Obamacare replacement. The result will be voter anxiety caused by the absence of any definite plan for replacement of Obama care.

The American healthcare system before Obamacare was a better system than Obamacare provided to the nation. Obamacare hacked and sawed this way through the fiber of America’s health care system with an appalling rollout in the beginning and then dreaded premium and deductible costs to follow. There is no doubt that the system must be eliminated however the tentacles of the existing Obamacare system have grown deeply into the fiber of the American healthcare system and will be difficult to eliminate entirely. Certain elements of Obamacare such as no exclusions for pre-existing conditions are popular and should remain in the final replacement legislation. We should first note that millions of Americans indeed the vast majority are covered by employer healthcare plans which are satisfactory. Nevertheless a free market/choice maximization system must be implemented as a replacement to the mandates and taxes under Obama care for individuals.

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House rejects study of ties between Islam and terrorism

Last Friday the House rejected a bill that would have provided for studying the link between Islamic doctrine and terrorism. The bill was introduced by Congressman Trent Franks a Republican from Arizona. The bill was rejected when a number of moderate Republicans refused to accept the bill and approve it. This would have been a keen opportunity to increase public awareness of the critical link between Islamic doctrine and terrorism – the evil in the political doctrine of Islam that led to 9/11, Al Qaeda and ISIS and the devastating countless acts of terrorism and barbarism resulting from radical Islam. The fact that this bill could not even be passed with a Republican majority in the House demonstrates the vast public ignorance that still revolves around the subject of Islamic radicalism and its direct connection to terrorist acts that confront the world. To me it is highly disappointing that a Republican House would woefully fail to pass such a timely law that would provide enlightenment and awareness to the American public about the evils of radical Islam and the factors that indoctrinate its leaders. Make no mistake Islam is unlike any other religion in that it is both religious and political at its core – these two components of Islam are integrated in their practice and unless the public becomes aware of this unique nature of Islam it will continue and fail to comprehend why radical Islam is of such serious danger to the peace of the world and the survival of democracy and other religions.

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US lacks an effective ICBM counter technology–depends on Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)

Why should American citizens be concerned about North Korea advancements in ICBM technology? The obvious answer is that the technology enables North Korea to reach the US with ICBM missiles.
But there is an even deeper reason why Americans should be concerned and the answer is that the US has no reliable defense against ICBM technology today. The intent of Pres. Reagan’s Star Wars program was to protect America from attack by ICBMs but that program was never implemented to completion and many of the weapons systems that were developed initially were dropped by successive US administrations.

So the US strategy today is one of mutually assured destruction (MAD). In other words the US relies on the fear that we will annihilate an enemy with our nuclear weapons as sufficient to prevent that other nuclear power from ever attacking us. In other words we have virtually no ICBM defenses today except hit and miss technology which is still being developed. Reagan’s grand vision for a Star Wars program which was also called the Strategic Defense Initiative slowly dissipated into almost zero reliable technology to protect the US from a nuclear attack. When a nuclear missile is fired from anywhere in the world it can reach the US within 33 minutes. This “wait and pray” response is not good enough for nation of 330 million people literally waiting for their death to arrive in the form of a nuclear tipped ICBM missile. For this reason there is an urgent and over arching reason for a missile technology that will defeat an ICBM attack by our enemies including North Korea.

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