Mueller Report must be discarded for incompetent legal treatment of obstruction matter

The fact after two years of investigations with a small army of lawyers that Mueller had to leave the obstruction of justice matter undecided by him is plenty of evidence that he and his team did not find any obstruction. If he had he would certainly have said so. Now Mueller is undermining AG Barr by stating Barr has misled the American people in his four page letter written right after the release of the Mueller report. Mueller lacked the fortitude and evidence to conclude on the obstruction of justice matter in his final report indicating he was leaving that decision to Congress and the American people. other words Mueller laid a trap for Barr and Tramp in the final report by circumventing the final decision on obstruction. The Mueller report on the obstruction issue is a biased fiasco that should be discarded as incomplete and misleading.

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Who is is responsible for the internal security of America?

Other countries in the world are pushing toxic agents in to the United States which are being consumed by our people. Today three countries are supplying the most toxic of drugs. Those from China are then transported in the US mail to the millions of customers here at this country. Americans are dying from the effects of these drugs.China is one of the big suppliers of these toxic drugs.Then there are the drug cartels in Mexico who are also pouring their poisonous drugs into this country with impunity and too little resistance at the border. Also tons of drugs are supplied by Columbia which also finds their way into the United States where their ultimate destination is death.And then a million migrants from Central America are pouring across our border without preventing their entrance to our country. We as Americans have a clear expectation that we should be secure in our nation but we are not. Our government not only fails to secure our nation but they even cooperate in the death of America. If we do not stand up and fight these terrible infestations who will I ask. ?

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Democrat socialist liberal express is headed toward a political graveyard in hell

The new vintage of socialist liberal Democat is in the cross hairs of the American people, and is politically hell- bound for 2020. In particular this fledgling notion of massive socialism including free everything for everybody, Medicare for all and the green wave of devastation of traditional and abundant national energy resources will be the death blow to the Democrats in the upcoming election cycle. America being of sound mind in the mainstream will have nothing to do with these collectivist and economically suicidal policies. The Democrats are headed for a death trap and have no intention of pulling up in time to prevent their political destruction in 2020. The nation has been treated to precarious new Democrat pols who have been educationally misguided, particularly in economics, for what capitalistic principles make America great and stand out to the rest of the world. A poisonous vector actually accompanies a democratic success story in the House of Representatives where the House leadership aims to destroy a successful president in the midst of great achievements in both the domestic and foreign arenas through a freakish nightmare of hideous hearings and investigations that are bound to implode on this liberal express of lies and corruption. Most of these raving power greedy liberals are headed toward their political hell. Only Presidant Thump at this unique moment in history will make America uphold its traditional greatness, strength and leadership in the world community and on the domestic front.

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North Korea’s Kim will not denuclearize his nuclear power base

Based on two summits to date between the United States and North Korea, Kim has shown his stripes and has no intention of dropping his nuclear program as the central component of his power. I predict that Donald Trump will not be successful in getting the rogue state to disarm their nuclear stockpile and curtailing their ground level testing. We may expect some progress as we drop our sanctions incrementally. We already have won some parts of the negotiations. The nuclear testing and the destabilizing effects in the south Korean and Japan skies have been suspended for a period of time.American War vets who were killed in the Korean War are having the remains shipped back to the US for identification and burial. These are fruitful steps in the negotiations and has de- pressurized the sensitive environment that had been in effect for a number of years in that part of the world. However attempts to get Kim to drop his nuclear program I predict will remain fruitless for the remaining term of President Trump and any renewal term based on his reelection in 2020. There may be some tit for tat bargains reached during future negotiations and summits with North Korea but Kim will not in my opinion ever completely relinquish his nuclear capabilities and therefore he will not denuclearize his nation. I believe he sees it as the strength of his reign over that regime and as a power in the world and for that reason we will never see him give it up. in the end it is a prediction that the US will have to settle for a balance of power in the region in which peace prevails as long as the threat levels on both sides remain low. That I believe is the most that can be accomplished over the next decade in that part of the world.

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Putin targets US with Nuclear weapons

Putin is flexing his muscles but in fact he is truly scared that the United States will force him into an arms race again because of our withdrawal from the nuclear arms agreement.

The latest news emanating from Russia is that the Pentagon and Camp David have both been targeted with nuclear weapons by the Kremlin.

In response to Putin‘s threat I propose that President Trump inform Putin that our nuclear weapons are being pointed in the direction of the Kremlin and all major population centers in Russia including Moscow and St. Petersburg in addition to every Russian port and defense facility of any importance to Russia. We should not tolerate these kinds of threats from Putin and we need to force his anemic economy into a major collapse. Putin is no friend of the United States and is in a position to reap high level destruction on our country. We should not tolerate those kinds of threats without reprisal and deterrence.

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Muslims rush to fill democratically elected positions

Note that a large number 50 of Muslims have won seats in our 2018 democratically elected positions. The Muslim brotherhood has a long-range plan to hollow out America from within and bring forth sharia law to this country to replace the Constitution, and our freedoms and liberties. This is called the stealth or Civilization JIHAD which is a well laid out plan over the future years to gradually turn the US into a Islamic state. If you don’t believe that just look at the 50 Muslims who have been elected to office this past year. As can be expected, sharia adhering Muslims in this country are going to use all of the freedoms and liberties and the Constitution of the US to win over this country. We must open up our eyes and wake up to what is going on. The greatest number of elected representatives from the Muslim community as expected are taking root in those states where the most migration from North Africa and the Middle East have been allowed to pour into this country. Minnesota, Michigan, New Jersey, and California lead the pack. If we do not push back on this trend the future will not belong to those who believe in the Constitution and the freedoms and liberties which are granted under the document. Instead we will be governed by sharia law and the insanity of slavery to that belief system. Fight /push back and do whatever you can to prevent the further encroachment into our nation by Islamic, including sharia, adherents.And remember by opposing Islamism you are not being prejudiced or bigoted against a religion you are showing your concern and opposition to a political movement which brings with it bigotry, intolerance, and ideological slavery.

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100 year marathon – China’s ambition for world domination by 2049

February 11,2019

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania AVE
Washington DC

Dear President Trump,

In cutting to the chase, communist China’s 100 year marathon which started at the end of the revolution in 1949 will be reached in the year 2049. At this time China plans to have laid waste to the United States and have conquered the world. A violent conflict with the US is planned in order to reach this goal. I have been reading about it in the current best-selling book The One Hundred year Marathon by Pillsburry. The Hawks in China have been preparing for this day for decades. The current president of China, your friend, and his legacy before taking this office was in the company of the Hawks of China. China has been stealing our technology war secrets as well as our commercial intellectual property for many years. You’ve been making this point to us as a country for a number of years and are now trying to even up the playing field with China both militarily and economically. You are the only person in a leadership position of this nation who has the foresight and guts to save America from China’s hawkish plans for our destiny. With any luck you will be in office until 2024 during which aggressive steps will need to be taken to bury China’s dream of being the dominant power on the globe by 2049. I hope that you will keep in focus China’s dream for world domination which includes conflict militarily with the United States. China will attempt to lull Americans into the belief that they are better off subjecting themselves to China’s domination. Strangely enough a similar plan is being concocted by the Muslim Brotherhood which plans to hollow out America from within using its own strengths and constitutional governance to overwhelm America with its sharia law. The United States has much to be concerned about – enemies abound. There are 1.3 billion Chinese and 1.6 billion Muslims. We have our work cut out for us Mr. Pres. and the Western powers and liberated people of the globe must look to you for leadership in planting the seeds and taking the actions necessary for our eventual victory over these threats. Thank you for all that you are doing to make America great again and keep it that way. This country cannot endure another four years under an Obama -like leadership style.

Very truly yours,
Hob Jack

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