US must remain engaged in Middle East

US foreign policy in the Middle East must come to grips with reality. There has been talk recently about withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.What Americans must accept is the fact that if troops are withdrawn from the Middle East whether Afghanistan or Iraq or Syria Al-Qaeda and ISIS will rise up again and take over large parts of the Middle East. They then will parlay that position into creating terrorist acts in the US and other western civilization areas. We cannot leave the Middle East without this happening. Therefore my prediction is we will leave troops in Afghanistan and Iraq and Syria for the foreseeable future even though at reduced levels.

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Democrat governed Cities lead to bankruptcy, filth and homelessness

President Trump’s attack on Democrat representative Elijah Cummings for the rat infested homeless conditions of Baltimore, Maryland in Cumming’s District is a well deserved slam against the Democratic representative for the filth and health conditions in that City.In another Democrat governed city in Los Angeles, California the homeless rat infested conditions there are leading to the emergence of the bubonic plague. As a leader in his position Trump is right for slamming the conditions that have been allowed to fester in these hapless cities where homelessness and festering health conditions have been allowed to arise unchecked by Democrat leadership.Contrary to racism attacks as espoused by Pelosi and other Democrats on the President, Tramp is targeting the wantonness ,filth and deathly conditions in the devastation created by Democrats in Cities such as Baltimore, Los Angeles and San Francisco, the latter on Pelosi’s turf.

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House Democrats and migrants responsible for border crisis

The Democratic House has attempted to flip the responsibility for the border problems onto president Hrump while themselves being the root causes of the overwhelming influx of migrants sweeping across our borders. By failing to fix the defective amnesty law and provide necessary funding for humanitarian aid the dreadful Democrats are solely responsible for the conditions at the border. In addition the media refuses to expose the real problem to be the decisions by these migrants to illegally rush the southern border and overwhelm it in spite of the risks and dangers inherent in their behavior. The combination of these factors is made impossible the task of accommodating the massive influx of migrants which are entering the US through Mexico at the southern border. Fox news anchor Shepard Smith has also pounced on the bandwagon that responsibility belongs to the Trump administration for the failure to take care of children at the border and provide them toothbrushes, blankets and soap. This irresponsible commentary by Shepard Smith places him squarely with the Democrats and liberals making Fox News sound like CNN and MSNBC and their fake news commentary.

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A proportionate response was required

Recently the Iranian military shot down a high altitude US drone over International waters in the Straight of Hormuz. There was no proportionate response by the US or even attempt to achieve one. Instead the President called off an attack against the targets due to the potential for 150 Iranians who would likely be killed, thereby stating that killing people would not be a proportionate response to shooting down an unmanned US drone. Consequently there was no US response at all. I believe that a proportionate response was required to avoid similar Iranian attacks in the future. While the President had other choices in his response he chose a non response instead. For example a warning to vacate all the people from the target zones could have been issued to clear the way for a US response. In the final analysis a destructive Iranian deed had gone unpunished and America had failed to demonstrate both its strength and its will in the contest with Iran. That was not the right way to end this unprovoked attack by Iranian forces.

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Mueller Report must be discarded for incompetent legal treatment of obstruction matter

The fact after two years of investigations with a small army of lawyers that Mueller had to leave the obstruction of justice matter undecided by him is plenty of evidence that he and his team did not find any obstruction. If he had he would certainly have said so. Now Mueller is undermining AG Barr by stating Barr has misled the American people in his four page letter written right after the release of the Mueller report. Mueller lacked the fortitude and evidence to conclude on the obstruction of justice matter in his final report indicating he was leaving that decision to Congress and the American people. other words Mueller laid a trap for Barr and Tramp in the final report by circumventing the final decision on obstruction. The Mueller report on the obstruction issue is a biased fiasco that should be discarded as incomplete and misleading.

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Who is is responsible for the internal security of America?

Other countries in the world are pushing toxic agents in to the United States which are being consumed by our people. Today three countries are supplying the most toxic of drugs. Those from China are then transported in the US mail to the millions of customers here at this country. Americans are dying from the effects of these drugs.China is one of the big suppliers of these toxic drugs.Then there are the drug cartels in Mexico who are also pouring their poisonous drugs into this country with impunity and too little resistance at the border. Also tons of drugs are supplied by Columbia which also finds their way into the United States where their ultimate destination is death.And then a million migrants from Central America are pouring across our border without preventing their entrance to our country. We as Americans have a clear expectation that we should be secure in our nation but we are not. Our government not only fails to secure our nation but they even cooperate in the death of America. If we do not stand up and fight these terrible infestations who will I ask. ?

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Democrat socialist liberal express is headed toward a political graveyard in hell

The new vintage of socialist liberal Democat is in the cross hairs of the American people, and is politically hell- bound for 2020. In particular this fledgling notion of massive socialism including free everything for everybody, Medicare for all and the green wave of devastation of traditional and abundant national energy resources will be the death blow to the Democrats in the upcoming election cycle. America being of sound mind in the mainstream will have nothing to do with these collectivist and economically suicidal policies. The Democrats are headed for a death trap and have no intention of pulling up in time to prevent their political destruction in 2020. The nation has been treated to precarious new Democrat pols who have been educationally misguided, particularly in economics, for what capitalistic principles make America great and stand out to the rest of the world. A poisonous vector actually accompanies a democratic success story in the House of Representatives where the House leadership aims to destroy a successful president in the midst of great achievements in both the domestic and foreign arenas through a freakish nightmare of hideous hearings and investigations that are bound to implode on this liberal express of lies and corruption. Most of these raving power greedy liberals are headed toward their political hell. Only Presidant Thump at this unique moment in history will make America uphold its traditional greatness, strength and leadership in the world community and on the domestic front.

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