The North Korean Summit

The naysayers in the media and congress voice concern that President Trump did not get enough from the first meeting with the leader of North Korea. In fact this meeting was a get acquainted historic first meeting only and there is a long list of agreed actions to be achieved in upcoming months. We do not see any missile tests by NK. We have seen the return of three hostages. And the destruction of one missile launch base by NK. In exchange the US has agreed to delay joint military exercises with the South Koreans. This is a journey not on trip. It is a complex matter and will take time to unfold and reach a final outcome. The media and the democrats have decided to be their negative selves and are worried that this President-will succeed.

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Don’t overtax American weathly

As the nation considers a reformed tax plan it would be good to remind ourselves of the following taken from A View from the Eagles Nest, my book on the policies of the Obama era:

” One of the most undermining currents of the contemporary debate in America is the demonizing of the wealthy and the evolving notion that they are in some way responsible for the financial salvation of the middle class in this nation. Nothing could be a greater distortion of the truth. Why should those, many of whom have started out in humble backgrounds, even in poverty, have become enormously wealthy and successful, like Steve Jobs, be on the chopping block of the liberal and even Populist opinion that they in some way deserve to be disgorged of the wealth they have created in spite of the enormous contributions they have already made to society? These giants in the sense of their great contributions are such a treasure to America that they should be protected, rewarded and encouraged by our society. In most instances their wealth is the symbol of their vastly superior contributions and willingness to accept the burdens and yes, rewards, that most are unwilling or unable to bear. It would behoove this nation to rediscover the roots of its greatness – the pride of invention and innovation and the multiplication of their fruits throughout society. ”

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Adverse impacts of the Trump tax plan

Pres. Trump has proposed a new federal income tax plan.

While this plan has been positively spun by the administration there are cracks in the plan that need to be fixed or at least understood by the American people.

The first matter addresses the new tax brackets which have been reduced to only three from seven. These new brackets are 12%, 25% and 35%. The first gap between 12% and 25% is too broad. A new tax bracket of 18% should be added increasing the number brackets to four from three.

A number of deductions are being eliminated which could have a negative impact on property values, rental property, the elderly, and the income taxes of citizens living in states with income taxes and high state and local taxes such as California and New York.

The elderly will be negatively impacted by the loss of medical deductions which in fact escalate with age. The complete elimination of this deduction is highly undesirable for the elderly and full medical cost deductions really should be provided to anyone 70 and above.

The loss of cost deductions for owners of income property for repairs and maintenance will lead to the depletion and decay of rental properties, and is a negative incentive that will have the ultimate effect of reducing rental properties conditions and lead to safety concerns for these properties. As a matter of fact the elimination of deductions for state and local taxes, as well as the elimination of deductions for operating costs on rental properties will have the overall effect of reducing property values because of the decreased cash flows of owning them.

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Trump’s DACA Policy must have teeth

What is Trump doing, and what should he do with respect to 800,000 illegal immigrants brought into this country by their parents when they were children. These are the so-called “Dreamers” who have been protected from deportation under former Pres. Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional Executive Order covering Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals (DACA). During his campaign president Trump promised to deport these childhood arrivals (Dreamers) along with their parents. Conservatives still want these people deported along with their parents. On the other hands Trump seems to be softening in the direction of providing cover to these 800,000 people instead of forcing deportation. He has been working with the Democrats in the past several days to reach a conceptual agreement on a plan for handling the dreamers. Contrary to what is popular rhetoric not all these dreamers are fine upstanding people who have jobs and serve in the military. That’s just common sense. Not all speak English. Not all are off welfare. Not all are crime free. For this reason a sweeping all-encompassing DACA plan to cover these 800,000 people with work papers or a path to citizenship is highly unrealistic. In order to retain the support of his base president Trump should make his case known and clear so that there are no doubts about his intentions concerning these people.

In my opinion any plan to non-deport these 800,000 people should provide for individual screening to ensure each person among the 800,000 conforms to the proposed principles under the RAISE Act, these being that each person speaks English, his or her admission is based on merit and is in the interests of the United States, that no person shall be on welfare as a taxpayer burden, be gainfully employed with work skills required to improve America or be a member of the US military. If a person meets these requirements they would be issued a work permit. If they seek citizenship they would have to go on a citizenship application list behind other immigrating people who have already applied for citizenship.

In exchange for such a deal sufficient funds to be provided in the 2018 budget to build a wall of Trump’s choice along the southern border of Mexico and the US. If such terms cannot be agreed to in the final bill submitted to president Trump for signature then the 800,000 dreamers would be subject to deportation along with their parents in accordance with existing US immigration laws on the books. As an exception any dreamer serving in the US military would be covered by a permanent work permit and be eligible to get in line for citizenship during or following his or her military duty.

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North Korea’s nuclear testing must be blocked by US

North Korea is preparing to test launch another nuclear missile. The ultimate endgame in this testing program is the destruction of key US cities and major population centers that exist there. The US must not tolerate a continuation in North Korea’s nuclear program. US is in imminent peril from destruction by such nuclear products stemming from North Korea’s nuclear test program. The next time North Korea launches a test missile that is part of its nuclear program United States and its allies should launch an interceptor vehicle to destroy North Korea’s nuclear test missile. The time for action is far past due and the American people are in dangerous peril as a result of North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and testing program.

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President Trump undermined by inner circle -should take action to reverse

Several high-level officials of Trump ‘s inner circle have been undercutting Trump’s agenda and the president has remained silent instead of taking swift action as he usually does to counter these voices. Now that Bannon and Gorka have been banished from the White House Trump’s nationalist, America first agenda, and the president himself are all being undermined by key inner Circle members of Trump’s administration. What is left is a number globalists, some Democrats, who apparently have no reservation about thumbing their nose at Trump and his policies including his comments regarding Charlottesville.

The chief of the Economic Council, David Cohen , was outwardly disparaging of the president regarding the president’s comments relating to Charlottesville in which he indicated that he had prepared a letter of resignation but had not yet turned it into the president. Then there is Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who hung the president out to dry in an interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News in which Tillerson stated in regard to Charlottesville that the president “speaks for himself”and then failed to mention the words”radical Islamic terrorism”in his explanation of the new Afghanistan policy in which additional troops are being provided to quell advances by the Taliban and ISIS. Finally, General McMaster head of national intelligence refuses to use the term” radical Islamic terrorists”in complete disregard for the presidents attempts to emphasize that radical Islamic terrorism is the enemy that we must defeat in the Middle East. Unless Trump can either change or remove and replace these individuals is agenda will be weakened and the so-called globalists will have an upper hand in the White House, meaning that the nationalist agenda of make America first will be in jeopardy.

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Leftists Mobs take to streets in destruction binge on Civil War monuments

Far right radicals and mobs are taking to the streets in places like Durham, North Carolina to destroy monuments and other symbols of the Civil War era – this is a sign of anarchy and chaos and anti– white hate in our nation. Participating in the anarchy and civil destruction are the Triangle Peoples Assembly, the Workers World Party, industrial Workers of the World, Democratic Socialists of America and the Antifa movement. These are socialist and communist organizations which are well organized on the left to destroy symbols of a critical historical time in American history. The ease with which these thugs exercise destruction means they are meeting with no resistance by those who are in charge of protecting civil order and obedience.

This is a detestable time in American history and must be met by fierce resistance by our civil society to protect and maintain all vestiges of our American Heritage. The destruction of monuments by these right-wing communists and socialists, these thugs and terrorists, means that the left in this country is a destructive agent, a racist force for evil, destruction and disorder. In all essential ways the disruption and destruction by these extremists and terrorists are no different than the desecration by ISIS of the ancient religious sites in the Middle East.

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